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You can also discover the WPsoluze repository with the largest collection of +3.000 Plugins, Add-ons, Extensions, Templates and Themes Premium for WordPress that you can download and use for very little money on all the websites you want with GPL license.

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Immediate downloads at a single click.
No registration or fees required.
Secure and protected files with SSL certificate.
Use on unlimited WordPress websites.
Latest versions always updated.
Uninterrupted download speed.
Totally legal with GPL licenses.
Installations and activation in multiple domains.
Plugins and Themes Premium 100% original.
Receive all updates for life.
Personalized and tailor-made attention.
Links to downloads available without expiration date.
Anti-Malware files verification.
Directly from the author or developer.
Unlimited number of downloads per day.
Collaboration with solidarity projects.

Original Files.

All the WordPress plugin and theme files we provide in WPsoluze are completely original, downloaded directly from the main source of the author or developer to whom they correspond and belong. You will get 100% original files, no modifications, no viruses and no malicious code. Your web project will not be damaged in any way.

Licenses of use GPL.

You have total freedom to do whatever you want with the add-ons and extensions purchased at WPsoluze. Legally and thanks to the GPL licenses, you can freely use any plugin or theme as and where you need, in as many WordPress installations as you need, with no limits on the number of websites and domains you require.

Updated Versions.

You will always receive the latest version of the plugin or theme you request. In addition, we strive every day to offer you new additions to our premium themes and plugins platform, so that you can continue creating with WordPress without limitations, with current features, trends and designs that will increase traffic to your website.

No Subscriptions, No Fees.

At WPsoluze you will simply pay a very low and totally affordable price for the WordPress add-ons or extensions you really need and are going to use. With no need for registration or subscriptions, you don’t have to pay an unnecessary monthly or annual fee either. No more expenses and no more recurring costs. A single payment valid for life.

Personalized Attention.

A whole team of highly qualified professionals in WordPress available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, ready to assist you in any type of need. Nothing is automated here, we work with people who are always available exclusively for and by you. We will respond to you personally by offering real solutions. It’s the least you deserve.

WordPress Ecosystem.

Always actively contributing to the WordPress community and ecosystem. We distribute add-ons and extensions for this content manager from the most important and well-known developers, providing them with a great added value with our dissemination and thus be able to offer their premium services in the future to new users.

Learn, Teach and Create.

Start learning how to manage and use that add-on or extension that you think will make your life easier with your website. Make sure that the technical aspects or functionalities of the plugin or theme are what your project requires. Teach your team, collaborators or pupils and let’s never stop creating with WordPress.

Start at Low Cost.

Now you have the possibility to test any plugin or theme in all your WordPress installations. We know you have creativity and that your great ideas can be worthwhile. Count on our confidence, we support you to launch your digital business as soon as possible with a minimum investment and reducing costs in your venture.

Socially Committed.

WPsoluze collaborates with solidarity projects and provides financial support for charitable causes of various kinds. A percentage of the amount of your donation that you pay when you download a premium GPL plugin or theme for WordPress, will be allocated in the form of donations to maintain all our social commitments.

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Latest releases and updates for Plugins and Themes Premium GPL for WordPress.

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Discover all the latest releases and trends in premium WordPress plugins and themes that you can download instantly from WPsoluze for a very low and totally affordable price. We have a large number of add-ons, extensions or templates available for your favorite content manager. Find the plugins and themes you really need, get the best functionality for your website or web page built with WordPress.

The human support team to help you and attend to all your needs...

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Plugins and Extensions Premium GPL


Themes and Templates Premium GPL


Downloaded Files every Month

Here are the reasons why we can offer you Plugins and Themes Premium at such a low and affordable price...

  • All plugins, extensions, plugins, templates and premium WordPress themes are developed under the General Public License (GPL). This means that they are legally authorized to be distributed freely after we have purchased it from the corresponding author or developer.
  • The payment you make to WPsoluze when you download a plugin or a theme, you help us to continue maintaining this platform and it is destined to buy new complements and extensions that will be incorporated and published in our listings. In addition, you will be contributing with our social commitment, we will dedicate a percentage of your donation to charity projects.
  • Downloads of our plugins and themes do not include any help or support regarding configuration, modifications or customizations. You’ll have to take care of everything yourself, but as we all know, the learning curve in WordPress will always be quick and easy, so it won’t be a problem.
  • This form of crowdfunding helps us to have such low and affordable prices, thanks to the collective participation and contributions of users like you, we can offer and pass this benefit on to you so that you can enjoy a great saving of thousands of dollars in plugins and premium themes for WordPress. Now you can create your website without requiring too high a financial investment.

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