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Need a Plugin or Theme Premium for WordPress that you couldn't find in the WPsoluze repository?

WPsoluze wants to share with you some facts and figures that may surprise you...


Plugins and Extensions Premium GPL


Themes and Templates Premium GPL


Downloaded Files every Month

Here are the reasons why we can offer you Plugins and Themes Premium at such a low and affordable price...

  • All plugins, extensions, plugins, templates and premium WordPress themes are developed under the General Public License (GPL). This means that they are legally authorized to be distributed freely after we have purchased it from the corresponding author or developer.
  • The payment you make to WPsoluze when you download a plugin or a theme, you help us to continue maintaining this platform and it is destined to buy new complements and extensions that will be incorporated and published in our listings. In addition, you will be contributing with our social commitment, we will dedicate a percentage of your donation to charity projects.
  • Downloads of our plugins and themes do not include any help or support regarding configuration, modifications or customizations. You’ll have to take care of everything yourself, but as we all know, the learning curve in WordPress will always be quick and easy, so it won’t be a problem.
  • This form of crowdfunding helps us to have such low and affordable prices, thanks to the collective participation and contributions of users like you, we can offer and pass this benefit on to you so that you can enjoy a great saving of thousands of dollars in plugins and premium themes for WordPress. Now you can create your website without requiring too high a financial investment.

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