Cookies Policy.

No personal data is collected through the WPsoluze web pages without the user’s knowledge, nor is any data transferred to third parties without prior information to the user. All personal data collection and processing activities related to the provision of services are regulated by the privacy policy contained in the general conditions for the provision of the applicable services or in the specific information note published on the page through which the personal data are requested, as appropriate. In order to offer the best service through these Web pages, and in order to facilitate their use, the number of pages visited, the number of visits, as well as the activity of visitors to the Web, and their frequency of use, are analyzed.

Cookies are used by WPsoluze websites. These are small files that are often created when you visit a website and are stored in a cookie log directory on each computer. Every Cookie contains an anonymous and unique code. Each Web site may send its own Cookies to the user’s browser if permitted by the browser settings, however, to protect the user’s privacy, the browser only grants access to the Cookies that the browser itself has sent to the user and not to the Cookies that the user has received from other Web sites.

We can differentiate between two types of Cookies:

Permanent cookies are those that, as their name suggests, remain on the user’s computer for a certain period of time. WPsoluze uses permanent cookies to collect information about your use of the Web sites and to use it in the manner described above. These Cookies do not contain any personal information and do not allow the identification of the user..

On the other hand, “Session” Cookies are those Cookies that are specific to a session and that are deleted when the user leaves the site. WPsoluze uses session cookies for the following purposes: to record information provided while using an interactive tool on the website; to record user data when the user connects to the website; to collect information about the use of the website as indicated. Likewise, these Cookies do not contain any personal information and do not allow the identification of the user.

In any case, the user himself can decide whether to accept these Cookies through the configuration of his browser, which generally allows the user to accept all Cookies, reject them or ask the browser to warn him of the presence of a Cookie. To allow, know, block or delete cookies installed on your computer you can do so by configuring the settings of the browser installed on your computer. For example, you can find information on how to do this if you use one of the following browsers:

Manage Cookies in Chrome.

Manage Cookies in Internet Explorer.

Manage Cookies in Mozilla FireFox.

Manage Cookies in Safari.

Any third party, such as an advertiser, who publishes banners or hyperlinks on WPsoluze pages may also use Cookies. They record which ads have been previously presented to the user. These Cookies are not placed by WPsoluze, but by the company responsible for the ad. Therefore, WPsoluze will not be responsible for the content of third party websites, nor for the use or introduction of Cookies by them.

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