Answers to the Frequently Asked Questions you may be asking yourself about WPsoluze.

It is our duty, and that is why we are happy to answer all the most frequently asked or common questions you may be asking about WPsoluze. Our goal is to answer all your questions you may have when downloading Plugins and Themes GPL Premium for WordPress from our own platform. We want to explain things to you clearly and in all kinds of detail so that you can understand everything correctly, without having any misunderstandings or confusions that could cause you any problems in the future.

We will always be transparent with you and clear up any doubts you may have. We think you are interested in knowing…

WordPress is a content manager whose software is developed using open source, this means that the license of use is GPL (General Public License). Authors who develop Plugins and Themes Premium to work with WordPress must also adopt this same type of license, allowing any user to use, share, modify and redistribute the software as they wish and as they wish. This means that WPsoluze can offer Themes and Plugins GPL Premium for WordPress for a much lower price than if you buy it from the original authors and developers, in our case, at a totally affordable price for all our users. Our intention is to democratize the use of WordPress for all those users who cannot afford to buy the plug-in or extension they need from the official store, we provide the software completely original, without unnecessary extras, such as support and technical assistance, which is always limited to a certain period of time.

Yes, the answer is quite clear. In addition, something that sets us apart from the competition is that at WPsoluze, after you purchase and download your files for the first time, you get to download the updates for life and for life completely free of charge, with no expiration date, you can download any update of those add-ons or extensions without ever paying again. In WPsoluze we update all the Premium Themes and Plugins that we have available for download, obviously if the latest version of the author or developer is released. Normally, we update all add-ons and extensions within 48 hours of their release, as they are often subject to last-minute changes. In any case, if you find any of our Plugins or Themes GPL Premium for WordPress outdated, you can contact us so that we can update it and you can download the update as soon as possible.

When you download Plugins and Themes GPL Premium from WPsoluze you can use them in all the sites or web pages created with WordPress that you want, want, need, need, or like… It’s that simple, there are no limitations of any kind in that sense. It is also possible to install and activate them without problems in all the domains you have. Once you have downloaded your Theme or Plugin you can make use of it wherever and however you want, without paying anything else and without having recurring extra payments from time to time.

The files that make up each and every one of the Plugins and Themes Premium that you purchase and download through WPsoluze, are 100% original, guaranteed. You will download them directly as they are set by the author or developer who owns the software, with no changes or modifications to the source code.

Of course I do and without a doubt. At WPsoluze we take care of reviewing and checking each of the Plugins and Themes we offer for download. Before being published in our directory and listings, all files are checked for possible malicious software that may harm you.

When you download a WPsoluze Plugin or Theme Premium, you get all the original files, without any modifications and with an exhaustive anti-malware check, directly from the author or developer to whom it corresponds. We have already supported the software development work by paying the fees and prices imposed by these original authors and developers, so that we can offer it to you without any problems or harm.

Unfortunately we cannot offer you help or support for the configuration of Plugins or Themes, nor can we customize the code. If this were the case, the costs would have to be raised too much and the price would increase, so this is another reason why in WPsoluze you can get complements and extensions for WordPress for such a low and affordable price… But you don’t have to worry about anything, as you already know and I’m sure you’ve seen, the learning curve of the WordPress environment will be totally easy and fast, so you won’t have any problems. If you need any kind of help or support of this kind, we advise you to contact the original author or developer.

Just ignore it. The plugin or the Theme in question that you install and activate later in your WordPress will work correctly and perfectly without the need to enter any license code or serial number. Authors or developers of add-ons and extensions offer this option to receive technical support and automatic updates, which is not recommended. We advise you to install the updates when they are available in WPsoluze and manually, via FTP or through the WordPress installer itself. This is much safer for your website.

Unfortunately and sorry, it is not possible to request a return or refund of the Plugin or Theme you have already downloaded. This is because you purchase a digital product, due to the very nature of the downloadable files, in this case there is no return or refund of any kind after downloading your files. We recommend that before accepting the download, you check if it is really the Plugin or Theme GPL Premium that you need or want.

No limitations. You can download your Plugins and Themes as many times as you want and need. However, if we believe that certain abusive practices may be taking place, we may take this into consideration and take measures to ensure proper use of the WPsoluze platform without affecting other users.

We are constantly adding new Themes and GPL Premium Plugins for WordPress to the directory and list of downloads available in WPsoluze. If after searching for the add-on or extension you need, you haven’t found it, you can contact us and we will do our best to make it available to all our users as soon as possible.

You will be able to download your Plugins or Themes GPL Premium for WordPress immediately, without waiting, the process runs just as soon as you have requested the download you have chosen or selected according to your needs in the corresponding form. In addition, we will notify you by email the access data of your download so that you can download your add-ons and extensions as many times as you want in the future.

Yeah, obviously. Once you have downloaded the files, you can store them and save them on your computer or other media. They are your Themes and Plugins, do with them as you see fit. You can operate with them as with any file you have on your hard drive, computer, or storage device.

Absolutely true, that’s right. We are deeply proud to be able to tell you that WPsoluze participates and collaborates with different solidarity projects and charitable causes of various kinds. A significant percentage of the payment you make to download from our Plugins and Themes Premium platform for WordPress, will be used as donations to continue to meet the sustainability of our commitments and social projects.

We provide you with the attention you deserve from us at all times. You can contact WPsoluze quickly by accessing our contact form and enquiries. We will attend you personally, providing you with the best practical and real solutions to the problems or needs you may have.

The human support team to help you and attend to all your needs...

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Here are the reasons why we can offer you Plugins and Themes Premium at such a low and affordable price...

  • All plugins, extensions, plugins, templates and premium WordPress themes are developed under the General Public License (GPL). This means that they are legally authorized to be distributed freely after we have purchased it from the corresponding author or developer.
  • The payment you make to WPsoluze when you download a plugin or a theme, you help us to continue maintaining this platform and it is destined to buy new complements and extensions that will be incorporated and published in our listings. In addition, you will be contributing with our social commitment, we will dedicate a percentage of your donation to charity projects.
  • Downloads of our plugins and themes do not include any help or support regarding configuration, modifications or customizations. You’ll have to take care of everything yourself, but as we all know, the learning curve in WordPress will always be quick and easy, so it won’t be a problem.
  • This form of crowdfunding helps us to have such low and affordable prices, thanks to the collective participation and contributions of users like you, we can offer and pass this benefit on to you so that you can enjoy a great saving of thousands of dollars in plugins and premium themes for WordPress. Now you can create your website without requiring too high a financial investment.

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